Call For Proposals: CBR Assistants – for the Economy and Resilience of Newcomers (EARN) project

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Social Planning Toronto (SPT), in partnership with Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto (NEW) is recruiting 10 community based research (CBR) assistants for the Economy and Resilience of Newcomers (EARN) project, funded by the City of Toronto.

The goal of this project will be to examine how newcomers to Toronto who have lost paid employment during the current economic recession, have developed economic resiliency through self-employment and small business development. EARN will examine the systemic barriers and challenges immigrants engaged in self-employment are confronted with and identify the resources, community supports and strategies they have developed to mitigate these difficulties. As well, project staff will create a public education tool and provide policy recommendations on how to better support newcomers engaged in self-employment while encouraging economic development within the city of Toronto.

Duties and Responsibilities

In collaboration and consultation with the project team, CBR Assistants will:

1)     Attend a compulsory two day training and orientation in March 2012

2)     Conduct one-on-one interviews with newcomers who have lost their jobs and are now engaged in self-employment to gain a better understanding of their experiences in starting their own small business enterprises including documenting the challenges, barriers and successes.

3)     Collect data on demographic characteristics (i.e. age, gender, ethno-cultural background, country of origin, educational level, immigration status, etc) to better understand the type of newcomers that are entering self-employment.

4)     Interview key informants in various community organizations who assist newcomers in development the skills and resources to start their own businesses or through micro-credit lending programs.

Scope and Timeline of Work

The CBR process will be a collaborative process led by the CBR assistants and managed by staff at NEW and Social Planning Toronto.  CBR Assistants are expected to conduct and deliver specific data and components in a timely manner. Upon completion of our participant and key informant interviews, select CBR Assistants will collaborate with Social Planning Toronto policy analysts to compile findings into a final research report. Policy recommendations and which will be disseminated to policy-makers and ministries/departments at all three levels of government. The report will be officially released and findings shared at a community forum where we will convene key stakeholders to engage in a strategic discussion around ways to improve self-employment outcomes for newcomers and the role community organizations, municipalities and provincial and federal governments can play.

Completion Date:  May 1st, 2012

Honorarium Amount:  $ 450 (additional honoraria based on number of interviews completed)

Location: CBR Assistants are expected to work off-site and to visit NEW and SPT offices for consultations and meetings with the supervisors.

Submission Process:

Submit a resume and cover letter page proposal by February 17th, 2012 to Maria Serrano with the following:

  • Highlight your policy analysis skills and experience (paid/unpaid experience working in public policy setting, research, community development or doing policy analysis work)
  • Your proposed methodology for conducting  research interviews

Along with proposal include your CV and 2 written samples/examples of policy analysis work/reports you have completed.

How to Apply:

Maria Serrano
Director of Operations
Social Planning Toronto
E-mail :
Deadline: February 17th by midnight.

No phone calls please.

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