January 19 – Budget Post-Mortem

Community Reaction to the 2012 City Budget

Commitment 2 Community:  CPIP Funding Saved in Final Budget Vote

CUPE Ontario:  Budget Vote a Victory for the People of Toronto.  Fight to Keep Toronto Public Continues

Toronto Arts Council:  City Council Fully Restores Arts Grants for 2012!

Toronto Environmental Alliance:  Victory for the Environment!

Toronto Works Better Together:  2012 City Budget Round-Up: When is a Cut Not a Cut?

Wellesley Institute:  People Care About the Kind of City They Live In

Tallying Services Saved

  • Budget Committee takes $2.8 million in service cuts off the table
  • Executive Committee saves close to $6 million in services
  • TTC reverses $5 million in service reductions on busy peak-time routes (from TTC savings)
  • City Council removes almost $19 million in service cuts