Video from the 2011 Research & Policy Roundtable - "WHO’S IN CHARGE?" is now online.

The theme of the 2011 round table was “Who’s in Charge? The impact of agencies, boards & commissions on public accountability & service delivery”.


During this forum we were engaged in a critical discussion on the proliferation of arm’s length government agencies, boards and commissions in Canada, Ontario and Toronto. We discussed the impacts of ABCs on public accountability and service delivery by exploring their roles and responsibilities in specific policy areas of health, transit, public safety and security and urban/municipal planning. These organizations – entities such as the Local Health Integration Networks, Metrolinx, Ontario Municipal Board, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission – have considerable authority over public services, however, very little is known about how they function, their mandate or how decisions are made. Our intention was to explore some of the key issues regarding accountability and service delivery that have emerged within these domains.

Speakers featured in video footage (in order of appearance):

  • Celia Denov (Social Planning Toronto
  • John Campey (Social Planning Toronto)
  • Colin Talbot (Manchester Business School)
  • Hon. Jean Augustine (Ontario Fairness Commissioner)
  • Pamela Bryant (University of Toronto)
  • David Siegel (Brock University)
  • Winston Tinglin (Social Planning Toronto)
  • John Macintyre (Build Toronto)
  • Peggy Nash (Invest Toronto)
  • Shirley Hoy (Former City Manager- City of Toronto)

Powerpoint Presentations from the following speakers are available for download:

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