2018 City Budget Launch on Thursday!

City Budget Watch is back for the 2018 City of Toronto budget process! We'll be bringing you up-to-date reports and analysis on each step of the City budget process from launch date on Thursday, November 30 to final votes at City Council on February 12 & 13. We'll let you know how you can learn more, get involved and have your say on the 2018 budget. 



Why should you care about the City budget? We are all affected by the City budget, whether we know it or not. Budget decisions are some of the most important decisions that the Mayor and City Councillors make all year. Budget time is the time of year when Toronto City Council decides what programs get funded, if there are cuts, which services will be affected, and how the City will raise the revenues to cover the costs for our programs and services. Budget decisions affect us all because they affect our experiences with public transit, public libraries, child care services, food security programs, employment and training services, parks and recreation programs, emergency shelters and affordable housing, cycling and trails, emergency services, social services, community services, arts and culture programs and much more.

Budget decisions are decisions about the kind of city we want to build.

Hope you will enjoy this year's City Budget Watch and get active in the budget process.

First up ... The City of Toronto's Budget Committee will launch the proposed City budget for 2018 this Thursday, November 30 at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Council Chambers at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome. (or watch online on Toronto City Council's youtube channel here). 

Stay tuned later this week for our first look at the proposed budget.

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