2020 City Budget: How Did Your City Councillor Vote?

On February 19, Toronto City Council passed the 2020 City budget. Members of Council voted on a series of motions, making final changes to the budget. How did your City Councillor vote? Find out in this final post of the 2020 budget season.

Unlike previous years, members of Council did not move many motions to change the budget that was presented to Council on February 19. The handful of motions voted on included the following proposals: an increase to operating hours at 8 library branches in order to fully implement youth hubs (carried), a move to reverse the fare hike for youth and post-secondary Presto monthly passes (failed), setting aside funds to establish the Housing Commissioner model (failed; staff say a funding request will be included in the 2021 budget), and additional funding to expand the EPIC eviction prevention program (carried but no recorded vote so you can't see how your Councillor voted on that one).

Motions were also moved requesting staff reports which can inform the development of policy and move forward the adoption of new revenue tools. Motions were voted on related to the following staff reports: Housing TO report to include funding amounts and sources needed for the creation of a Housing Commissioner (carried), a staff report on approaches to implementing a parking tax levy as a dedicated funding source for transit and climate action (carried), Housing TO report to include information on addressing renovictions including actions and funding sources (carried), and staff report on feasibility of implementing a vehicle registration tax to support transit, road maintenance, and road safety (failed). 

Check out our 2020 City budget spreadsheet to see how your City Councillor and every member of Council voted on key budget motions. 

Photo credit: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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