2021 City Budget: SPT & Daily Bread Call for Luxury Homes Tax - Read Our Op-Ed

Housing is a matter of human rights, public health, and racial justice. Every order of government has a responsibility to act. What about Toronto?

Our Interim Executive Director, Caryl Arundel, joined forces with Neil Hetherington, Chief Executive Officer of the Daily Bread Food Bank, to pen an Op-Ed published in NOW Magazine on a municipal revenue tool that could raise an additional $18.62–$26.77 million annually. Had this tool been implemented five years ago, it could have generated an additional $133.85 million - enough to build over 700 new affordable homes.

Toronto City Council doesn’t have all the tools at its disposal to fund critical programs, services, and infrastructure. But it does have the power to implement a tool that could produce hundreds of new units of stable, safe, and affordable housing. And it can decide to do so right now, with the final Council vote on the 2021 City budget on February 18.

Read our op-ed here

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