City Budget Watch

2019 City Budget: How did your City Councillor vote?

We've compiled the voting records of the Mayor and all 25 City Councillors on several key budget votes from the March 7 Council meeting. Find out how your City Councillor is representing you at City Hall with our easy-to-read spreadsheet (.xlsx file; click here for an .xls version). For more context on these votes, read our budget finale update here.

Not sure who your City Councillor is? Call 311. They'll ask for your address, and give you the name of your Councillor and your ward number. You can also look it up here.


2019 City Budget: Council Votes on Final Budget, Moves at Snail's Pace on Big Challenges

Toronto City Council held its final vote on the 2019 City budget on March 7. Despite the need for bold action, the final budget moves us forward at a snail's pace in addressing the serious challenges our city faces. Many motions aimed at responding to significant crises and improving life in our city failed to receive a majority of support. Get all the details in today's budget watch update.

2019 City Budget: Voices of the People

On February 7 and 11, members of the Budget Committee heard from the public at deputations (public hearings) at City Hall, Etobicoke Civic Centre, North York Civic Centre, and Scarborough Civic Centre. Despite the tight timelines for this budget process (a common challenge for the budget process following an election year), about 170 people participated in the deputations.

2019 City Budget: Final Vote on Thursday, Still Time to Act for a Better Budget, Better TO

It's been a whirlwind of activity since the City of Toronto budget launch in January! There are two days left until the final budget vote at City Council on Thursday, March 7. Find out the latest in this budget watch post.

2019 City Budget: Draft Budget Fails to Take Bold Action Our City Needs

On January 28, the City of Toronto launched its 2019 staff-recommended budget. We've been busy poring over all of the budget documents, sharing our analysis in community meetings, and preparing presentations for budget forums this week. In this post, we'll give you our first round of highlights from the draft budget, provide information about upcoming budget events, and let you know how you can share your priorities, concerns and ideas at the budget deputations/public hearings.



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