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2020 City Budget: How Did Your City Councillor Vote?

On February 19, Toronto City Council passed the 2020 City budget. Members of Council voted on a series of motions, making final changes to the budget. How did your City Councillor vote? Find out in this final post of the 2020 budget season.

2020 City Budget: Council Passes Final Budget

On February 19, Toronto City Council passed the 2020 City budget, concluding this year's budget process. In this post, we look at what's in, what's out, and where we go from here.

2020 City Budget: The Public Calls for Action on Transit, Affordable Housing, Child Care, and the Climate Crisis

Every year, members of the public have an opportunity to weigh in the City’s annual budget – sharing their priorities, concerns, and ideas for change with members of the Budget Committee. This year’s budget deputations took place at City Hall and the Civic Centres in Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough on January 20 and 21. In total, 177 individuals took part in the 2020 City budget deputations, including 91 at City Hall, 21 in Etobicoke, 35 in Scarborough, and 30 in North York. Several more made written submissions to the committee.

2020 City Budget: Housing & Homelessness - A City in Crisis, Partner & Media Analysis, and More

In this City Budget Watch post, we look at the city's affordable housing and homelessness crisis and the 2020 budget, share the latest budget analysis from partners and media, and connect you with City of Toronto budget resources.


2020 City Budget: Digging into the Staff-Recommended Budget

Last week, the Budget Committee completed its review of the 2020 staff-recommended budget. The committee and visiting councillors had an opportunity to hear from City staff, ask questions of staff, and request further information through briefing notes. This week, the Budget Committee splits into two subcommittees to hear from members of the public about their priorities, concerns, and ideas for the city and the 2020 budget. Public deputations are taking place at Toronto City Hall (Monday), Scarborough Civic Centre (Monday), North York Civic Centre (Tuesday), and Etobicoke Civic Centre (Tuesday). For details on the deputations and other budget events, check out our City Budget Watch home page.


2020 City Budget: All the events, new research, and the latest coverage

On Friday, January 10, the City of Toronto launched its 2020 staff-recommended budget. It's the first step towards a final budget vote on February 19. At the moment, we're knee-deep in City budget documents, combing through all of the details to better understand this year's budget and what it means for communities across this city - the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the days and weeks to come, we'll share our analysis and insights with you. 

In this first City Budget Watch post of 2020, learn more about our pre-budget report, "Toronto After a Decade of Austerity: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Check your calendar because there are lots of budget forums, town halls, and trainings coming up - as well as opportunities to speak to Budget Committee members at public deputations! While you're at it, read the latest media coverage on the City budget.

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