Supports for People Experiencing Violence

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Note: The following information has been borrowed from Cllr Kristyn Wong-Tam's April 5 COVID-19 Update (FYI, the Cllr's daily updates are a source of both up-to-date information and comfort. You should subscribe to them!)

How can you stay home when home isn't a safe place? One of the unintended consequences of the coronavirus lockdown is that domestic and gender-based violence (including but not limited to sexual violence, intimate partner violence, transphobia, and homophobia) has increased.

If you are aware of anyone experiencing violence or at risk of experiencing violence, or if you are experiencing violence, contact the trusted, confidential community resources listed below. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. 

How to help someone who is at risk of or is being harmed:

  • Connect: Call one of the community resources listed above to talk about your concerns and make a plan to support your friend. 
  • Check In: Give them a call to check in on them. Make sure they know they are not alone. Be aware that the conversations could be monitored so be careful of what you share and ask.
  • Provide: If you can, offer tangible supports (e.g., offer to drop off food or other essentials if they don’t have access).

What can I do if I’m self isolating with a partner who is abusive?

Steps to Justice offers safety tips and information on emergency legal advice, shelters, services, and helplines.

Resources for the Violence Against Women sector

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