Faces of the Cuts: The Impact of Federal Program Cuts on Communities in Toronto

Release Date: October 2006

Contributors: Beth Wilson, CSPC-T Researcher, Harriet Njiraini, CSPC-T Intern, Navjeet Sidhu, CSPC-T Intern, Zachary Tucker-Abramson, CSPC-T Intern

From the introduction:

On September 25, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Treasury Board President John Baird announced $1 billion in federal program cuts to be implemented over two years. At the same time that cuts to youth employment, literacy organizations, women's groups, Aboriginal health initiatives, and other equity relevant programs were announced, the federal government also reported a staggering $13.2 billion surplus.

In the wake of the announced cuts, 

many affected groups have begun to organize in their respective sectors, and on a national basis. The Community Social Planning Council of Toronto convened today's forum to bring together local communities and organizations across sectors and issues to share information, and discuss and strategize around the proposed cuts and related federal actions. In preparation for this forum, the Council surveyed affected organizations, contacted federal departments and gathered together information from media reports and other communications to assemble this report.

Focusing on selected areas, the report paints only part of the picture of the cuts and its impact on Toronto communities. With limited time and resources, we focused on key issues identified through our membership and networks. Undoubtedly, there are many additional areas of concern to Torontonians.

Download the report in PDF format.

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