Faith In The City Project

The Faith in the City project engages us to act on our faith in partnerships across the religious spectrum. And, to work with other organizations, and the City of Toronto, where we share common interest, to build a better and more just society.

The Faith in the City project emboldens us to act on our faith, and to call on City Council to work with determination towards a poverty-free Toronto. Our religious traditions are different, yet we share common values and principles. Each faith carries in its heart a care for those directly affected by poverty. We are called to take this responsibility personally.

While people of faith must engage in private acts of giving, we must also work to build a society of fairness and justice, where both the effects and causes of poverty are addressed.

Help us create new opportunities for action on poverty reduction.

Faith in the City project is mobilizing the whole spectrum of religious communities to build our City. Join us as we motivate existing projects, and amplify the voice of faith communities on issues of economic justice and equality.

Make your contribution today to support Social Planning Toronto's Faith In The City project.

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Faith In The City Project

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