On October 24, vote for a more liveable city

Decisions made by the City — more so than those made by the province or the federal government — have the greatest impact on our daily lives: they impact services like public transit, roads and sidewalks, libraries, parks, garbage collection, emergency services, and so much more.

The City also plays an important role in creating the conditions that advance equity and justice and allow everyone to thrive — by, for example, engaging youth, building and maintaining affordable housing, fighting climate change, protecting tenants, encouraging vaccination, and tackling poverty.

In a series of fact sheets, we're bringing you the facts on key issues Toronto is facing today and what actions City Council candidates should commit to in order to make a difference. Visit this page over the course of the campaign period for additions.

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Community Safety

All Torontonians have the right to feel safe. Yet communities and individuals have been put at risk by an overreliance on police, racism and systemic discrimination, chronic underfunding of community-based intervention and prevention, and an opioid crisis.

What actions should City Council candidates commit to in order to keep our communities safe and healthy?


The Environment

All Torontonians have the right to live in a green, clean city. Yet Toronto is experiencing a climate emergency that is putting people at risk.

What actions should City Council candidates commit to in order to ensure a liveable city?



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