Open Letter to Toronto City Council in Support of Toronto’s Poorest Residents and the City’s Hardship Fund

SPT and community partners are calling on Toronto City Council to save the City’s Hardship Fund – a program that offsets emergency medical costs for low income seniors, particularly senior women, and people with disabilities who have no access to provincial support.  At its September meeting, City Council narrowly voted down a motion to spare the Hardship Fund from elimination in the 2012/13 budget, with 22 Councillors voting in favour of saving the fund and 23 voting to consider eliminating it in the upcoming budget.  In 2010, the Hardship Fund cost the average property taxpayer just sixty cents on an annual property tax bill of about $2,400.

How did your Councillor vote?

In favour:  (i.e. save the Hardship Fund)
Councillors Augimeri, Bailao, Carroll, Cho, Colle, Davis, De Baeremaeker, Doucette, Filion, Fletcher, Fragedakis, Layton, Lee, Matlow, McConnell, McMahon, Mihevc, Perks, Perruzza, Robinson, Vaughan, Wong-Tam

Against:  (i.e. consider eliminating the Hardship Fund)
Councillors Ainslie, Berardinetti, Crawford, Crisanti, Del Grande, Di Giorgio, Ford, Grimes, Holyday, Kelly, Lindsay Luby, Mammoliti, Milczyn, Minnan-Wong, Moeser, Nunziata, Palacio, Parker, Pasternak, Shiner, Stintz, Thompson, Mayor Ford

Read the open letter for more details.

Let your City Councillor know that you want him or her to save the Hardship Fund!

To find out who your Councillor is and how to reach them:

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