Introducing a New Mission, Vision, and Values


We were proud this year to unveil our new vision, mission, and values. The Board of Directors and staff worked on these for months, trying to capture in writing our essence and why we exist.


An equitable, inclusive, and accessible Toronto — shaped by the diversity of its residents and rooted in social and economic justice.


Social Planning Toronto challenges inequity in our city — through knowledge generation, debate, civic engagement, advocacy, and collaboration — to spark social and policy change.


  • We are committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.
  • We respect the rights, knowledge, protocols, and traditions of Indigenous peoples.
  • We are independent and non-partisan.
  • We are stronger through our work with partners.
  • We are accountable to the community.
  • We ground our work in the lived experiences and expertise of local communities.
  • We are persistent and proactive, recognizing change is often a long process.
  • We value evidence-based decision making.

These words must of course be translated into action. We will be using this new mission and vision to guide important decisions and will hold ourselves accountable to each of our eight values. As part of the membership renewal process this year, we asked our organizational members to indicate their support of our mission and vision and to commit to our values.

We hope these words resonate with you too.

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