Budgeting for an Equitable City, Workshop Series: #2 - A City Budget Primer

Workshop #2

Title: Budgeting for an Equitable City, Workshop Series: #2 - A City Budget Primer

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2023; 6:30 - 8:00PM EST

Toronto is growing rapidly along with the needs and challenges of its residents, particularly those living in low-income communities and in the inner suburbs. Affordable housing, public transit, and community infrastructure are some of the core services that residents rely on, but how does the City ensure that these services are prioritized? How is funding to maintain these services secured for the long-term? And, how do these plans affect Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC), youth, newcomers, people with disabilities and low-income communities? Join Social Planning Toronto and community partners as we learn about Toronto’s Budget process and the City’s Long-Term Financial Plan.

Adam Mawani (Toronto Youth Cabinet)

August Puranauth and Kailin Chan (TTC Riders)


About the speakers:

Adam Mawani is the Budget Lead for the Toronto Youth Cabinet, the city’s official youth advisory body. As part of the Cabinet, he represents Toronto’s over 623,000 youth in city council and community stakeholder meetings, leads outreach efforts to disseminate key budget information, and collect youth inputs to develop budget proposals for the city. Adam is a student at the University of Toronto Schools, and serves as Academic Director at FUSE Society and on the National Trainers Council of Canada FBLA in order to provide business and finance education for youth across Canada. Adam has also championed climate finance as a member of the youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), speaking as their representative at conferences such as the Standing Committee on Finance. Adam aims to increase financial and political literacy among youth in order to generate diverse contributions to local and global fiscal policies.

August Puranauth is a community planner with the transit advocacy group TTCriders. They are a student at Toronto Metropolitan University. They are from North York and care about livable cities with great transit.

Kailin Chan is a TTCriders volunteer, Scarborough local, and a student at the University of Waterloo. She is passionate about sustainability, salmon farming, and accessible transit!

November 28, 2023 at 6:30pm - 9pm
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