Do you urgently need financial help because of COVID-19?

Low-income individuals and families who are not already receiving support from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, and people who are not able to access emergency financial support under federal programs such as the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit can apply for emergency financial assistance through Ontario Works.

The Emergency Assistance Program will help you to meet basic living expenses such as food, rent, medicine, and other essentials. Emergency Assistance is available for up to 48 days at a time without needing to submit a full Ontario Words application.

You can apply for this assistance online or by calling your local Ontario Works office.

Apply Online

Are you Eligible for Employment Insurance (EI)?

Did you pay into EI, and have worked at least 700 hours in the last 52 weeks?

[YES] and I have been laid off due to COVID-19 related work closures

[YES] and I am unable to work because I am ill or in self-quarantine

[YES] and I am unable to work because I am caring for someone who is critically ill


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