Meet the 20 Torontonians who'll help shape the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy

As you read in our last newsletter, we're partnering with the Community Development Unit at the City of Toronto to help renew the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy. Throughout May we received over 100 applications from powerful resident leaders across Toronto who were eager to join a new Advisory Group.


We're so excited to announce the successful candidates. Please join us in congratulating:

  • Zuo Jun Han
  • Vijayalakshmi Palaniappan
  • Tsering Thonsur
  • Tyrell Moodie
  • Tanya Connors
  • Suganthine Siva
  • Sophia Ellen Alexanian
  • Shakhlo Sharipova
  • Neisha Mitchell
  • Leah Yuyitung
  • Ko Hosoya
  • Kayla Webber
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • Janelle Simpson
  • Ismail Afrah
  • Ijaabo Mohamed
  • Fateha Bin Hossain
  • Cynthia Hutchinson
  • Annisha Nickesha Stewart
  • Ali Ladak

From July 2022 to September 2023, the Advisory Group will come together to share with the City their ideas for and experiences with community engagement, city-wide networking, information sharing, skill building, and community leadership development.

Interested in learning more about this work? Email Rima Athar at [email protected] or visit our website:


SPT is grateful to all applicants, and to Kisa Hamilton, Resident Liaison to the Advisory Group, and Partnership Table members Gillian Perera (Openly Connected), Kaydeen Bankasingh (North York Community House), Sohelia Bonhi (The Neighbourhood Group), and Laura Harper (Agincourt Community Services Association) for participating in the interviews and shaping the new Advisory Group with us.


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