In October 2019 Toronto City Council directed staff to develop a Gender Equity Unit and a Gender Equity Strategy (GES).

In 2021 the City asked us to lead a community consultation process to help shape the GES. In partnership with 23 resident leaders, we conducted consultations between December 2021 and March 2022. We invited women, girls, trans, Two Spirit, and non-binary residents across the city to think through how gender equity and inequality play out in their day-to-day experiences — particularly as it related to City services and programs. We made sure to include the voices of Indigenous, Black, racialized, and 2SLGBTIQ+ communities, people living with disabilities, newcomers, refugees, people living on a low income, seniors, and youth.

Over a thousand diverse residents shared their thoughts and ideas about what the GES should look like. A report on our findings will accompany the final strategy developed by the City, which we expect to be released shortly. [can we at least share our report?] We hope that our work — which came at a crucial time, as women and gender-diverse residents have borne the brunt of many of the impacts of the pandemic — will help produce a GES informed by the many complex, intersecting needs and realities of the city’s women, girls, trans, Two Spirit, and non-binary residents.


we continue to be so grateful for the very special relationship spt has with the city of Toronto we are thankful for the city's ongoing financial support and that SPT continues to be seen as a trusted partner to engage communities and stakeholders across the city on critical policies strategies and programs -- Jin at AGM
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