Our community planners work to strengthen resident leadership across the city. Highlights over the past year include …


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released report on the Safety Network Development Pilot in March 2022

Although the pilot wrapped earlier this year, a report summarizing what we learned, workshop recordings, and resources are all still publicly available. 


SAFE COMMUNITIES In 2021 we partnered with the City’s Community Crisis Response Program (CCRP) on the Safety Network Development Pilot to help build the capacity of CCRP-supported safety networks. These community-based networks — each comprising local agencies, residents, youth, and other stakeholders — not only support communities to heal after violent incidents but also proactively identify local safety and wellness issues and develop responses to them.
We worked with 25 safety networks to develop and deliver local safety projects/initiatives. Over the summer and fall, we hosted virtual workshops and provided resources on topics chosen by safety network members (including resident leadership, media communications, conflict resolution and mediation, and network sustainability). Three hundred and forty people participated in the workshops, many attending multiple workshops. And in December we co-led a virtual event that brought together 135 safety network members from across the city to collectively reflect on strengths, challenges, opportunities, and aspirations in building strong safety networks.


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