Demanding a better Toronto? Introducing the "A City for All" platform


We all deserve to thrive in our city, but many of us are struggling. Across our city, there are growing crises in housing, health, poverty, safety, and climate. We need and deserve better. 

A group of community-based organizations — SPT, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Parkdale People’s Economy, Progress Toronto, Toronto ACORN, and Toronto Community Benefits Network — have come together to draft a platform to address these urgent crises. This shared platform is built upon years of work done by so many of our partners.

From fast-tracking affordable, accessible, and green housing to expanding access to the TTC Fair Pass, the A City for All platform is a call to action for our next City Council, providing specific, implementable policy solutions supported by strong research, evidence, and community support.  

A City for All:

  • is being shared with candidates — use it to engage with and demand better from your local candidates! — and will be shared with the newly elected City Council; 

  • will form the basis for more organizing and advocacy efforts with our new City Council as they put forward their first budget, make decisions about a just recovery, and tackle the multiple crises facing our city; and 

  • is meant for groups and residents to use, and build upon, as communities organize a collective vision for a better Toronto.

 Stay tuned for more ways to get involved.

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