"Enabling the space for cross-stakeholder collaborative dialogue and action to advance a just and equitable recovery plan for Toronto"

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The pandemic has laid bare the systemic inequities and injustices that many of us have been working to address for years. From the start of the pandemic we have seen governments move quickly and collaborate with the community sector to shift policy and funding to provide support and essential services in new ways. We saw cities implement innovative and creative programs to address the needs of residents and businesses.

But we’ve also seen a deepening of poverty, inequality, and isolation, exacerbated in particular for those who are BIPOC, women and gender diverse, new to Canada, and/or living with a disability. During our 2020 consultations for the Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild, over a thousand residents and resident leaders shared a range of constructive and creative solutions that could support residents and improve community resilience and wellbeing.

A PLAN The enormity of the task ahead of us — a just and equitable recovery and rebuild for our city — makes a vision and plan crucial. SPT is engaging the community service sector to shape a shared vision, set priorities, and form a coalition to take collaborative action towards systemic and policy change. We’re partnering in this work with United Way Greater Toronto, the community agency partners in the Community Coordination Plan (put together by the City and United Way to support residents during the pandemic), and others.

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