2018 Frances Lankin Community Service Award

Nominations Criteria

The 2018 Frances Lankin Community Service Award will be presented to two individuals who have made a significant transformative contribution to the nonprofit community service sector in Toronto. The Award will recognize two recipients for a Lifetime Achievement and an Inspiring Leadership Award.

Recipient Criteria

Transformative: Individuals have demonstrated instrumental actions in bringing significant change to the non-profit sector. Involved are innovative approaches to connecting and building networks, altering models of service delivery and advocating sustained development to communities.

Contributions may include development in: research, education, professional development, service delivery, planning and administration, leadership, social recreation, arts, or any other area of significant sector activity. These results may be reflected in advocacy, social policy and/or community building.

Award Categories

Lifetime Achievement Award

A resounding individual who has consistently provided a high level of contributions over a continued period (10-20 years). Individual has the energy, and drive, demonstrating resilience to overcome obstacles. Actions have produced a lasting legacy in developing the non-profit sector. 

Inspiring Leadership Award

A rising innovator (aged 18-40) whose actions have inspired change through outstanding leadership, collaboration, resource development and knowledge growth.

The selection process

Nominations for the award can be made by any individual or organizational member of Social Planning Toronto. Nominations can be made by mail, email or fax using the attached nomination form and criteria.

Deadline for Nominations is: November 24, 2017

Download the nomination form

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