A Deeper Dive into Revenue Tools

Please Note: This event was previously scheduled for November 2. We have re-scheduled it for November 9 due to unforeseen circumstances.

A Deeper Dive into Revenue Tools

Hosted by Social Planning Toronto


Thursday, November 9, 2023

12:00 - 1:30PM

Virtual Panel Discussion

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Toronto City Council has passed a new long term financial plan, which includes the adoption of, or commitment to review, a host of new revenue tools. With a focus on equity for communities in need, this panel will do a deeper dive into revenue tools and progressive tax options for municipalities. What are some benefits and disadvantages to using these tools? Which tools are the most viable options at this point in time, particularly for low-income communities? What challenges do municipalities face in introducing them? How can we work with other levels of government for new revenue tools to be supported? Hear from Senior Economists, David Macdonald at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and DT Cochrane at the Canadian Labour Congress.

About the panelists:

DT Cochrane is the Senior Economist of the Canadian Labour Congress. Previously, he was the economist and policy research with Canadians for Tax Fairness. DT trained in the dark arts of mainstream economics in hopes of learning why most economists ignore the significant, interconnected problems of corporate power, wealth concentration, and systemic oppression of vulnerable communities. DT has written reports on corporate tax avoidance, rising profit margins, and how Canada’s tax system undermines climate action. He currently lives in Peterborough with his partner and children after being renovicted and priced out of Toronto housing.

David joined the CCPA as its Senior Ottawa Economist in 2011, although he has been a long time contributor as a research associate. Since 2008, he has coordinated the Alternative Federal Budget, which takes a fresh look at the federal budget from a progressive perspective. David has also written on a variety of topics, from child care to income inequality to federal fiscal policy. He is a regular media commentator on national policy issues, often speaking to the CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Canadian Press.


November 09, 2023 at 12:30pm - 2pm
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