About Social Planning Toronto

Social Planning Toronto is a non-profit, charitable community organization that works to improve equity, social justice and quality of life in Toronto through community capacity building, community education and advocacy, policy research and analysis, and social reporting.

Our Mission

Social Planning Toronto is committed to building a "Civic Society" one in which diversity, equity, social and economic justice, interdependence and active civic participation are central to all aspects of our lives - in our families, neighbourhoods, voluntary and recreational activities, and in our politics.

Our Program Priorities

Each year, Social Planning Toronto focuses its work in primary programs mandated by the Board of Directors and developed by staff:

Community Capacity Building

We increase skills, knowledge, and resource development in local communities through our planners, researchers, and communications staff.

Social Research and Policy Analysis

Our research focuses on three key areas:

  • Income Security and Labour Markets
  • Public Education and Human Development
  • Community Infrastructure, Public Finance and Resource Allocation 

We provide communities and organizations with the facts they need to make positive change.

Building Partnerships

Social Planning Toronto uses its community planning, research, and communications capacities to support responses to critical challenges facing Toronto residents.

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