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Call for Applications - Resident Liaison to the TSNS Advisory Group 

We’re pleased to share that the City of Toronto has partnered with Social Planning Toronto to engage a new Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy Resident Advisory Group, between June 2022 and September 2023.

To support this work, SPT is recruiting a Resident Liaison who can advise the SPT team from a resident leaders' perspective. The Resident Liaison will act as a neutral party, facilitating feedback and effective communication between Advisory Group members and the SPT project team. 

Resident Liaison Roles & Responsibilities

Beginning in June 2022, the Resident Liaison’s specific responsibilities will include:

  • Serving on the selection panel for the Advisory Group between June 1 - 15, 2022. (Up to 20 hrs).

  • Support the launch of the Advisory Group, by attending planning meetings between June 15-30, 2022. (Up to 14 hrs).

  • Support the Advisory Group’s development of a community mapping of best practices for resident engagement, between July - September 2022. (Up to 20 hrs).

  • Support the delivery of a resident engagement pilot project, including outreach and community engagement, between October - December 2022. (Up to 30 hrs)

  • Participation in civic engagement trainings. (Up to 24 hours).

  • Co-facilitation of 8 Advisory Group consultation meetings, and evaluation support as needed (Up to 30 hours).

  • Support the ongoing implementation and effective internal communications  of the TSNS Advisory Group. 

Skills and Experiences 

Social Planning Toronto (SPT) is a nonprofit, charitable community organization that works to advance an equitable, inclusive, and accessible Toronto — shaped by the diversity of its residents and rooted in social and economic justice. Our work challenges inequity in our city — through knowledge generation, debate, civic engagement, advocacy, and collaboration — to spark social and policy change. We welcome applicants who identify as Indigenous, Black, people of colour, women, living with a disability, and/or living with low-income.

The Resident Liaison will share a commitment to SPT’s vision and values. Additionally, the Resident Liaison will bring the following skills and experiences to the role: 

  • Strong community leadership experience, including local planning and community development initiatives across Toronto
  • Familiarity with City-led resident engagement strategies, including Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy, Local Champions, Neighbourhood Grants, Neighbourhood Planning Tables, and more.   
  • A passion for working collaboratively and in diverse teams
  • Strong communication skills, including in conflict resolution
  • Strong time management and organizational skills 
  • Experience with project coordination
  • Experience designing and facilitating workshops and meetings
  • Comfort working autonomously and with minimal supervision
  • A commitment to equity and social justice 


The Resident Liaison will report to SPT’s Director, Engagement & Strategic Initiatives, and work closely with SPT’s Community Planning staff on the project.

Compensation and Time Commitment

Compensation is calculated at $25/hour for an expected average of 14 hours per month, over the period of June 2022 - September 2023.  Hours will be flexible and vary across months, as mutually agreed upon with the Resident Liaison and SPT. 

The maximum compensation will not exceed $5,500 for a total of 220 hours over the duration of the role. The Resident Liaison will invoice SPT on a monthly basis, and SPT will disburse payments via secure electronic funds transfer.

Apply Now! 

Submit your application using the Google Form here, by 5pm ET on 18 May 2022

Important dates: 

  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a 30-minute interview on May 30th.
  • The selected candidate will be notified by May 31st, 2022. 
  • The Resident Liaison will begin work with SPT on June 6th, 2022.  

Please note, due to COVID-19 pandemic, SPT is only able to receive applications online. If you are unable to submit your application using the Google Form, please contact Rima at [email protected] or +1-437-522-7136 to discuss an alternative form.  

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