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Lisa Ferguson
Communications Officer, Social Planning Toronto
416-351-0095 ext. 227
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About Social Planning Toronto

Social Planning Toronto is a non-profit community organization that works to improve equity, social justice and quality of life in Toronto. Social Planning Toronto is committed to building a "Civic Society" one in which diversity, equity, social and economic justice, interdependence and active participation are central to all aspects of our lives - in our families, neighbourhoods, voluntary and recreational activities, and in our politics.

Established officially in 1957, Social Planning Toronto has spent 60 years providing critical social research and reporting, community capacity-building and engagement as well as evidence based advocacy for Toronto and its communities.

Other names (incorrectly) used for Social Planning Toronto

  • Community Social Planning Council of Toronto (legal name only)
  • Social Planning Council
  • CSPC-T
  • Social Planning


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