Just and Equitable Recovery

Through a partnership with the United Way of Greater Toronto, Social Planning Toronto has been engaging the community service sector to build a shared vision for a just and equitable pandemic recovery. Over the past year, SPT has been convening the Just Recovery Action Committee, a group of representatives from across the twelve Community Coordination Plan (CCP) Clusters to work collaboratively towards systems and policy change. Informed by the experiences of over 150 community-sector agencies, the committee has identified key priority areas needed for a just and equitable recovery in Toronto. 

 Our objectives in this work are to:  

  • Build a shared vision for change grounded in the experiences of CCP cluster agencies
  • Leverage opportunities & collaborations to create change
  • Create space and conditions for big ideas 
  • Build capacity to participate in policy change & advocacy

For more information about this initiative, please contact Melissa Wong, Director, Engagement & Strategic Initiatives, [email protected].

Shared Priorities & Vision

Toronto’s Community sector and frontline service agencies have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to respond to new and emerging challenges as clients seek their support and help:

  • Food security
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Emergency shelter
  • Community safety & community-based alternatives to policing
  • Harm reduction/the opioid epidemic
  • Community Sector funding

For more information, visit our Just Recovery Action Committee Priorities & Shared Vision document/page.

We are working to document and share ideas that support a vision for a just and equitable pandemic recovery. To learn more about the op-eds we have written, the discussions we have facilitated, and the resources that we have collected, check out our page, Ideas for Change: Just and Equitable Recovery.




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