Announcement – New Executive Director Social Planning Toronto

After a rigorous selection process, Social Planning Toronto is very pleased to announce that we have selected Sean Meagher as our new Executive Director.

Sean has a long history in community engagement and community development across Toronto, with a record of innovative and inclusive strategies that reflect Social Planning Toronto’s values and commitment.

Sean has, over the last 30 years, shown himself to be an effective advocate for public policy that creates a more equitable and inclusive city, often in collaboration with Social Planning Toronto.

Sean’s research, in areas as diverse as community development, immigration, tax policy, housing and health, has used both traditional methods and community-based research strategies involving multilingual, homeless and youth communities.

Sean comes to Social Planning Toronto from Public Interest, a leader in community engagement and public policy reform that he founded over a decade ago. Sean's history of success in facilitating progressive change through a social enterprise model will provide Social Planning Toronto opportunities to explore that approach.

Social Planning Toronto looks forward to Sean joining in our work on the broad range of issues confronting Toronto’s future. Sean begins his new role at Social Planning Toronto on September 1st.


Miriam DiGiuseppe
Social Planning Toronto


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