Community Use of Schools Permit Fee Survey 2009

The SPACE Coalition, in collaboration with the Community Social Planning Council of Toronto and other Social Planning Councils across the province, is conducting its third survey with community groups and other non-profit organizations to evaluate community use of public space. The results of this survey will help to strengthen their ongoing work for increased access and decreased barriers to community use of space with the provincial and municipal government and the Boards of Education.

To do this, they need your help in gathering information. Please take some time to complete their survey. For those who permit school space this should take approximately 20 minutes. For those of you who permit both school and municipal space the survey should take 40 minutes. We ask that the survey be completed by the person in your organization who is most involved with permitting community space. Taking the time to share your stories on accessing space will also be helpful for this cause.

Kindly complete the survey by March 13, 2009.

The data collected will be kept confidential, and only aggregate information will be reported.

Preliminary results will be available by June on

If you have any questions or concerns or would like a copy of the survey in a non-electronic format, please contact Lesley Johnston at 416-351-0095 x.216 or [email protected]

To complete the survey online, click the link below.

For more details about SPACE, click here.

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