Conference - Social Injustice is Killing People: The Political Economy of Global Health

International Political Economy and Ecology Summer School 2009

June 15-26, 2009


  • Ron Labonte, Canada Research Chair in Globalisation and Health Equity, University of Ottawa
  • Rene Loewenson, Training and Research Support Centre, Harare Zimbabwe
  • Ted Schrecker, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa

Topics will include:

  • Labour markets and the global reorganization of production
  • Trade policy and health
  • Global financial markets and health
  • Cities and health in the 21st century

Sessions will include new case study research from Africa focused on:

  • the political economy of food and nutrition
  • national health systems and the political economy of ill health (health worker migration; health services commercialization/privatization; water commodification)
  • social justice: policies, responses and influences for action
  • global governance and accountability in health

To register in the course please obtain froms from Jlenya Sarra-De Meo at (416) 736-5264 or [email protected]

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