Creating Engaging Virtual Spaces 2021

Are you trying to figure out the best platform to run your online program? Unsure how to keep participants engaged during your workshop?

In this session, we will walk through the pros and cons of popular online platforms (like Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube) to help determine which is the best fit for your program.

Facilitators will share some best and worst practices, accessibility considerations, and will discuss preventive problem solving and what challenges to anticipate when planning to adapt your sessions in an online space.

Note: The session focuses on virtual workshop design and engagement principles, and will not be covering the basics of how to use any specific online platforms.

All participants will be provided with a $20 grocery gift card after completing the session.


February 20, 2021 at 1:00pm - 3pm
Shahina Sayani · · 416-887-6103
Sorry, this event is sold out.
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