Federal Town Hall Forum and Homeless Memorial

AGENDA: Homeless Memorial, Community Lunch & Federal Party & Community Panel
DATE: Tuesday, February 9, 2010
TIME: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm.
PLACE: Church of the Holy Trinity (just west of the Eaton Centre between Dundas and Queen Street).

  • The Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green Parties of Canada and the Bloc Quebecois Party have been invited to answer questions on actions they will take to more effectively respond to the ongoing recession and the harsh impact on many vulnerable people and communities.
  • Also, representatives from several community coalitions will respond to positions taken by the parties and pose questions.
  • In addition, the Recession Relief Coalition will be releasing the responses to a Survey we sent to the five federal parties, and will also release our 3rd Bulletin on the Impacts of the Recession.

While Parliament is prorogued until March 3, it is vital that individuals and community organizations come together to talk about the experiences and needs in neighbourhoods and communities, and to put forward the expectations we have of our Federal government and political parties to meet these needs.

The Recession Relief Coalition is a broad-based group of organizations and individuals concerned about the impact of the recession on Canada’s most vulnerable and marginalized residents. Over 260 organizations, and over 1,100 individuals across Canada endorsed the coalition’s call on the federal government to invest funding to prevent cuts to public and private non profit agencies serving vulnerable communities, a and to increase funding to support vital social services including homelessness programs and settlement services.

To contact the Recession Relief Coalition.
Message line: 416-760-2197
Email: [email protected]

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