FPYN Presents: An Inside Look at Canada’s Tamil community

Why hold this workshop?

The protests came one after another, each drawing tens of thousands of Tamil Canadians into streets across the country. From youth to the elderly, people gathered urging the Canadian government to act against the indiscriminate bombing of thousands of civilians in Sri Lanka. While the protests have begun to fade away with the end of the war, misconceptions and misunderstandings still largely exist in the larger public about why Tamil Canadians cared so much about a war thousands of miles away and why “foreign” problems couldn’t seemingly be left behind. The historical, political and cultural context to these protests was missing, as was information about the personal toll of the war on thousands living in Canada. This workshop works to bridge these gaps in knowledge and foster awareness about the role persecution, discrimination and inequality has played in Tamil Canadian history.

What topics will this workshop cover?

  • Understanding a Tamil (discussion on culture and history of Tamil Canadians)
  • Why a large Tamil Diaspora, numbering 300,000, exists in Canada
  • Impact of a war thousands of kilometers away
  • Barriers and stereotypes encountered by Tamil youth and families
  • Accessing local Tamil resources and service providers

Who this workshop is for

The workshop is open to those who are interested in learning more about the Tamil Canadian community. It will be particularly useful in providing context to frontline workers who work with Tamil Canadians, as information will be provided on the psychological effects of the war on everyone from youth to seniors. The workshop will also be useful to researchers, activists, professors, students and teachers whom are interested in researching the Tamil Canadian issue.

Who will design this workshop

The workshop will be delivered by the Canadian Tamil Congress, a national organization which serves as the voice of Tamil Canadians. CTC has 11 chapters across the country and has an elected board of directors.


September 17
5:30 - 9:00pm
Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 120

Email [email protected] to register.

Dinner will be provided! Suggested donation $1 - $7 (to cover some food costs)

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