Group Work with Changing Families

Adapting to new constellations of “family” and emerging “family issues”

Thursday March 26, 2009 
9:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Baycrest Hospital
3560 Bathurst Street, Wortsman Hall, Main Floor,
Toronto, Ontario

COST: Free

Panel discussion with:

Mike Stone, MSW, Families in Transition, Family Services Toronto. 
Families in Transition (FIT) provides service to separated parents and their children. FIT services include single session workshops and parent groups that focus on helping parents adjust to separating from former partners and providing them with information to help them be more aware of how to facilitate their children’s adjustment to the changes in the family. The children’s groups focus on providing children with a safe environment where they can express their feelings about parents separating and where they learn appropriate information about separation and divorce.

Roger Smith, MSW, and Shamsa Iqbal, M.Sc., Family Support Program, YOUTHLINK.
The Family Support Program serves youth between 13 and 21 who have intellectual disabilities and are living at home with their family or caregivers. A monthly parent support group for parents of young people is a part of the program and provides a forum for emotional support and education regarding different disabilities through professional resources and information sharing.

Renee Climans, MSW, and Peggy Solomon, MSW, Baycrest Hospital.
Group work with Child Survivors of the Holocaust. The presentation will address the challenges and issues in long-term group work, the impact of aging on this population, and the role of the social worker.

Connecting Spousal Caregiver through Technology: The experiences of an Online People with FTD (frontal temporal dementia) Group. The presentation will address the challenges of FTD caregivers compared with AD caregivers, the use of technology as a support service, and group themes and issues.

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