Immigrant Youth Labour Market Research Project

Transition from School to Work among 2nd Generation Immigrant Youth In Greater Toronto Area

What is this research about?

We would like you to take part in a two hour group interview with other youth from your ethnic group on the experience of finding work in the GTA!

  • Are you South Asian, Hispanic or Black Canadian?
  • Are you born in Canada (or came to Canada before six)?
  • Are you 18-25 years old?
  • Did you finish high school? Have you been employed or are you still looking for job?
  • Do you want to have your voice heard?

Please join us and share your thoughts and experiences with us!

Honorarium: $25.00

This research is conducted by Prof. Rick Sin at McMaster University in partnership with African Canadian Social Development Council, Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, Council of Agencies Serving South Asians and Hispanic Development Council.

For more information contact Michelle Cho, Organizer - Urban Alliance on Race Relations, [email protected]

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