Marvyn Novick Memorial Lecture: Basic Income or Decent Work?

Inaugural Marvyn Novick Lecture To Tackle Canada’s Emergent Basic Income Debate

When hard-line conservatives and earnest social democrats start favouring the same idea, it’s time to ask tough questions.

Thinkers from both sides of the political spectrum are talking about the desirability of a Guaranteed Basic Income. But are they talking about the same thing?

What will happen to jobs and wages if the government gives everyone almost enough money to just about live on? What will happen to government services at the core of the welfare state? What will happen to decent work? What will happen to our lives? And how would a Basic Income be paid for?

This lecture is being organized to honour the memory of Marvyn Novick, who passed away in June 2016. Marvyn was a leading thinker and contributor to the social policy field in Toronto, Ontario and Canada for over 50 years.

Andrew Jackson, Senior Policy Advisor with the Broadbent Institute, will explore these questions at the first Marvyn Novick Memorial lecture: Basic Income or Decent Work on November 2 at the YWCA on Elm Street. His talk will be followed by a discussion with a panel of young people struggling to incorporate their desire for a fuller, richer life with their need to earn a decent income.


November 02, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Peter Clutterbuck · · 416-653-7947
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