A Resident Engagement Workshop Toolkit: Exploring Power, Participation, Communication & Decision-Making


Check out this resource for community leaders and facilitators: “A Resident Engagement Workshop Toolkit: Exploring Power, Participation, Communication and Decision-Making,” a collaborative project by members of the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy (TSNS) Advisory Group and Social Planning Toronto (SPT). This toolkit is the outcome of community consultations, carried out between August and December 2022, on best practices for resident engagement.

The consultations aimed to centre resident leaders’ expertise and current realities, identify which tools and approaches facilitate meaningful engagement and partnerships, and support enhanced community development outcomes for sustainable, resident-led neighbourhood work in Toronto.
The main findings of the consultation emphasized that when residents are recognized and trusted as equal peers in the design, planning and implementation of engagement processes, more meaningful partnerships and collaboration are possible.

Our Thanks!

We offer special thanks to the TSNS Advisory Group members and residents who gave their time and energy to the community mapping of best practices, to the SPT team who supported the TSNS Advisory Group’s work and finally, to the Community Development Unit and Social Development and Finance Department at the City of Toronto for funding and supporting the project.

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