This Week at the TDSB

From the Campaign for Public Education (CPE)

On the agenda:

  • Notice of Motion (Ward) re: Review of Security Requirements.
  • Focus on Youth got $2.8 M + 3 pages (single space) list of groups wanting summer permits.
  • Min of Ed identified 90 schools as potential priority schools but funded 77 @ $34,000 per school ($2,618,000) and are hiring 1 manager and 4 facilitators (community use of schools - $484,000).
  • Sewell's Police watchdog group noted the $2 M spent on posting 20 cops in school hasn't resulted in an appreciable difference there don't do the cops next year (full letter available).
  • Briefing note from Sheila Penny re:$$ for Energy Efficiency (looks like at least $49 M not counting Reno + Retro of Existing Schools $$).

Admin, Finance cte, Wed June 10th, 2dpm Cttee Room B - matters Related to New Fiscal Directions which will also be at the 6pm meeting of Program + School Services.

Program and School Services Committee Topics:

  • Ministry changes to curriculum (implementation);
  • Development of admissions and marketing + enrollment;
  • Permit (school to get 50 percent of fee; close permit dept and download to schools);
  • Reopen outdoor ed centre (repurpose Boyne and Noisey River);
  • Program and School Services;
  • Parent Involvement re dress codes;
  • Early Years Advisory Summary Report;
  • Community Use of Schools (see above);


  • Gorick/Ng re standardize student fees (report + feasibility)
  • Bolton re: briefing note re curriculum on media and advertising literacy / awareness
  • Coteau re: dress code
  • Harrison re receiving community advisory cttee report asap.

And finally a note from CPE delegate, Katie McGovern (with thanks to her for poring over her Friday night board package and providing highlights): "After years of telling the Board that too much $$ is wasted on compensation because of bad H + S, etc, they finally got a 6 page Report called "Workplace Health and Safety (New Fiscal Directions)". It includes what is being done and plans for addressing some of the hazards / problems including violence in the workplace. The final page has a cost summary of all WSIB claims 2005 through 2008."

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