Toronto’s Mounting Inequality Calls for Quality Public Services and Investments.

Responding to a new report released by the United Way of Toronto and York Region, Sean Meagher, Executive Director of Social Planning Toronto, called for public action to counter Toronto’s rising economic inequality:

“The report outlines an overwhelmingly divided City, created by a failure to invest adequately in our neighbourhoods and residents,” said Meagher. “With one-in-four children living in poverty, we have to do better”.

Meagher emphasized the growing number of Toronto families waiting for childcare, housing, and recreational services:

“Over 180,000 residents are waiting for access to recreation programs,” said Meagher, “and now, there are more people waiting for social housing than there are living in social housing – 100,000 families. If we don’t see the connection to City services like these, we risk falling further behind.”

Meagher noted the upcoming City Budget has a chance to catch up, urging Council to fulfil its commitment to poverty reduction: “Council committed to a poverty reduction strategy but is $66 million short of living up to those commitments. Ultimately, access to quality affordable housing, good jobs, and reliable accessible transit are the best way to reduce inequality in Toronto. We need our Mayor and Council to rise to the occasion with new investments in the upcoming budget.”

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