2021 Call for Nominations to Our Board of Directors

Social Planning Toronto (SPT) is a non-profit, charitable community organization that works to advance social justice in Toronto to create an equitable and inclusive society for all residents. Our work involves community research and social reporting, capacity-building and convening, and advocacy.

SPT is governed by a 15-member, volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to SPT's purposes and mission. Although Board members do not represent a particular community, constituency, or organization in Board service, the composition of the Board should reflect as much as possible the character and nature of the communities we serve. To that end, the nominations committee will apply the following recruitment considerations:

  • people who understand, from their personal experience, work, and/or volunteer activity, issues important to vulnerable or marginalized community members
  • people 18 years of age or older
  • people who live, work, or volunteer in all geographic areas of the city
  • people from a variety of professional or sectoral perspectives
  • people who reflect the diverse communities and identities of Toronto

This is consistent with SPT’s commitment to principles of access and equity in its staff, Board, committee, and volunteer recruitment.

This year the nominations committee is particularly interested in candidates from the inner suburbs, youth, as well as candidates with experience in evaluation, governance, information technology/social media, and legal.

Individuals who are nominated and agree to stand for membership election to the Board will be committing to a 3-year term. Board members are expected to:

  • prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings (3 hours per month — in-person and virtual participation)
  • participate in committee, working group or other Board-related responsibilities (5–7 hours per month — in-person and virtual participation)

Application Process

Directors are elected for a three-year term by SPT’s membership at the Annual General Meeting, scheduled this year for June 21, 2021. 

Interested individuals may notify Maria Serrano of their interest by emailing [email protected], and must include:

  • a copy of their CV (as an attached Word or PDF document), and
  • a paragraph (200 words maximum) describing why the applicant feels they would make a good member of SPT's Board.

Application deadline: April 30, 2021

All nominees will receive an acknowledgement.

For further information, please contact:
Maria Serrano, Director of Operations
Social Planning Toronto
416 351 0095 ext. 223
416 300 6068 (cell)
[email protected]


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