Network Sustainability: Working Together to Meet our Collective Goals (Option 1)

Workshop Description: Join us for the final workshop of the Safety Network Development Pilot series! Community networks are complex and go through a lot of transitions. It’s important to create a positive environment where local agencies and residents can build on their collective expertise to work together effectively. This workshop will share tips and strategies that residents and agencies working across different sectors can use to build a collective vision and create long-term impact in communities.

Facilitators: Kaydeen Bankasingh and Jacquline Dyer 

Kaydeen Bankasingh is a mother, grassroots community organizer and facilitator in Toronto. For 13 years, Kaydeen has been involved with the Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network (LHION) a local network serving a revitalization community, and has played an integral role in furthering community interests and collaboratively advocating for Social Development resources. As a former Resident Co-Chair of the network for 4 years, Kaydeen worked towards creating a network structure to build equity into leadership roles shared by residents and organizations.

Jacquline Dyer is an innovator in leading and supporting social change. With 15+ years of community involvement, her experience has included radical youth engagement, co-creation and implementation of local economic development plans, and liaising with partners to support safe, healthy and inclusive communities. She has organized several grassroots initiatives as well co-chaired numerous decision-making tables including the Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Safety Network. Jacquline is currently a Program Manager for the Mmere Dane Youth Justice Program at Delta Family Resource Centre; a program that provides culturally appropriate wrap around services to Black youth and their families navigating complex systems.

October 28, 2021 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Saroja Ponnambalam ·

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