Five Good Ideas - Building Conversations on the Web (Video)

CSPC-T Communications Officer Christopher Wulff and Marco Campana of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants explored building conversations online for a crowd of about 110 at the Maytree Foundation’s November Five Good Ideas brown bag lunch back in November. Video of the session is now available and can be viewed below.

The turnout, which was a record for the series, demonstrates how much people in the community-based services sector are struggling with new communications technologies and where they fit in the organization. The Council will continue to look for ways that they can support the sector on this issue with more workshops and resources soon to come.

From the Maytree Foundation session description:

Your use of the internet should be connected to the work you do every day. But, on the Web what do we mean by 'conversation'? Who are we trying to talk to? What are we trying to say? Is technology most effective when used to enhance an existing relationship? Can technology really help us connect with people we may never see or talk to? If we define our community broadly, how does that impact our conversations with them? Of course, you should be asking these basic questions whether or not you are using online technology to engage the people you work with, serve, help and build community with. Building on Jason Mogus' presentation last year, Reaching Out in a Web 2.0 World, Chris and Marco will further demystify online communication and help you take the next steps in making practical, daily use of the Web in your community engagement, client service and public campaigns.

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