October 6 - Community Services Day!

Monday, October 6
1-3 PM
Toronto City Hall
Members' Lounge

Celebrate the important work of the nonprofit community sector, and the vital role that the City of Toronto plays in this work!

  • Meet and greet with community and sector leaders, and candidates for City Council
  • Report release: "Building Toronto, Creating Community: The City of Toronto's Investment in Nonprofit Community Services"
  • Our stories: Impact of community services in neighbourhoods across Toronto
  • Lessons from the arts community
  • "My First Time" video showcase
  • "Community Services: Building Toronto" campaign launch

Organized by Commitment to Community & Social Planning Toronto

REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/community-services-day-tickets-13283887465

Contact: Mary Micallef at 416-351-0095 x251 or [email protected]

Download flyer here

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