Social Planning Toronto and the SPACE Coalition host policy breakfast on community hubs.

On Monday, November 14, Special Advisor Karen Pitre joined Social Planning Toronto, the SPACE Coalition and more than 60 community members, service providers, and elected officials to discuss community hubs in Ontario.

Pitre offered an update on the Province’s progress so far and where they are headed in the coming months, emphasizing the need for policy-level changes. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences in developing community hubs and make suggestions for improvements.


This year's policy breakfast was attended by participants from across and outside the Toronto area focused on a wide-array of interests and perspectives such as education, sports and recreation, city planning and access for seniors, people living with disabilities, children and youth.


The SPACE Coalition, facilitated by Social Planning Toronto, is a diverse group of 20 City and province-wide organizations that aims to maximize community use of public space, particularly in schools, through affordable, equitable, and consistent access.


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