TTCRiders Online Deputation Training: Speaking Up for Transit in the City Budget

Please Note: this event is not organized by Social Planning Toronto but we are listing it on our website because it aligns with our mandate to promote democracy and community engagement in the Toronto City Budget process.

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Click here to register for TTCRiders' January 16 online training event:

City Councillors will soon be voting on Toronto's budget for 2024. Your voice is needed to convince City Councillors to start funding construction of a replacement busway for the Scarborough RT and to show Councillors that transit riders want a more reliable and affordable TTC. 

This form will let us know if you plan to attend or would like materials from TTCriders training, and to know who is attending which Budget Committee meeting so we can support you and have representation across the four upcoming meeting locations. There are opportunities for speaking both virtually and in person. Below (and in the training!) we share more specific details on when the Budget Committee meetings are, as well as how to register. 
January 16, 2024 at 7:00pm -
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