Unions and the Response to Precarious Work Series

Social Planning Toronto is producing a 4-part Unions and the Response to Precarious Work series, examining the role of unions in responding to the troubling rise of precarious employment. This series was developed to inform debate and policy-making on precarious employment and labour movement building in Toronto and across the province.

Social Planning Toronto’s research draws on survey data from the Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario (PEPSO) project, a 7-year Community-University Research Alliance led by United Way Toronto & York Region and McMaster University. Social Planning Toronto is a community partner on the PEPSO project. In our series, we focus on workers living in the city of Toronto, drawing on survey responses from more than 2,700 workers, aged 25-65.

 Part 1, The Union Advantage

Part 1 examines the benefits of unionization for Toronto workers, including those with precarious employment, across a broad range of employment and quality of life outcomes.

 Part 2 - Unions: A Driver For Gender Equity 

Part 2 provides an analysis of union advantage for women and men in Toronto, including a focus on the gender pay gap.

 Part 3 - Unions: Delivering Decent Work For Younger Adult  

Part 3 considers the benefits of unions for younger and older adult workers in Toronto.

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