City of Toronto Budget

The City of Toronto's budget meetings are an important opportunity to demonstrate to the community, to councillors and to media the strength and vitality of the community-based sector in Toronto. We saw last year the impact that the arts sector had on the city budget, getting significantly increased funding for special projects through advocacy and a strong presence at the debates. With next year's Community Partnerships Strategy process already planned, we need to start building momentum for a big advocacy campaign for the 2010 budget and election to make sure that we see the investment in communities that we know is needed to make Toronto a livable, affordable city for everyone.

Telling Tales: Black History in Toronto

A dialogue between two leading social historians, Adrienne Shadd and Karolyn Smardz Frost, discussing identity, race, gender, ethnicity, the discovery of missing histories and the Underground Railroad.

Adrienne Shadd is a researcher, writer, curator and editor living in Toronto. Her new book, Journey from Toll Gate to Parkway: African Canadians in Hamilton, will be published by Dundurn Press in 2009. Adrienne is the great, great grand-niece of Mary Ann Shadd Cary, the first African woman to publish and edit a newspaper in North America and who fled to Toronto in 1851 after the US Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act.

Good Jobs Coalition to Call for Urgent EI Repair


For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Jobs Coalition to Call for Urgent EI Repair

Community and Labour will Deliver Pre-Budget Message to Flaherty

TORONTO—This Thursday, the Good Jobs Coalition—an alliance of more than 35 community and labour groups representing people throughout the Greater Toronto Area—will be sending a pre-budget message to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty about the urgent need to repair Employment Insurance (EI).

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Due to overwhelming response, the forum registration has been closed. Proceedings from the forum will be available online following the event.

Taking Action on Poverty, Poor Health and Bad Jobs

The Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, Wellesley Institute and University of Toronto’s Social Assistance in the New Economy Project invite you to take part in this one-day research and action forum.

Middle Childhood Matters Report

Executive Summary

The middle childhood years, ages 6 – 12, can be characterized as the forgotten years of childhood, seldom receiving the benefits of public policy, public and private sector investments, and media attention. This is in contrast to children in the early years who benefit from best start programs and early years centres, and teens for whom there have been significant research and program investments to engage and keep them from risky behaviour.

Middle Childhood Matters Press Release

Only one in ten children in Toronto have access to full-week after-school programs, reveals new study

TORONTO, Jan. 19 /CNW/ - The vast majority of Toronto's 6 to 12 year olds do not benefit from full-time after-school programs, according to a new study by the Middle Childhood Matters Coalition of Toronto. The lack of supervised after-school activities increases the risk of delinquent behaviours, crime and academic problems among young people, according to the study.

What are your kids doing after school?

Study of post-school care finds 6 to 12 are the 'forgotten years'

"Access to safe, supervised and engaging programs can get kids off the screens and couches, and into physical activity and interaction. It can also be critical in helping children develop skills, self-esteem and relationships with peers and mentors, as noted last month in two major reports – Ontario's framework for poverty reduction and the Roots of Youth Violence review."

Read the complete article in the Toronto Star.

Media Advisory - Middle Childhood Matters

Media Advisory - January 16, 2009

Coalition to Release Report on Lack of Services for Children, 6-12 Years Old

TORONTO – Key spokespersons for Middle Childhood Matters Coalition Toronto (MCMC) will hold a press conference on Monday to present their research findings detailing Toronto’s limited after-school programs for middle childhood years children.

ONN Releases Open Letter on Stimulus

The letter, which is being sent to Canada's politicians and thought leaders, calls on political leaders to see the nonprofit sector as a vital part of the economic stimulus solution for Ontario and Canada. Read more.

Voices from the Street starting new group

Raise Your Voice!

Voices from the Street, a collective of individuals who use their personal experiences with homelessness and poverty to educate the public and push for change, is looking to recruit new members.

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