Housing Policy Forum Series

Beginning in May, we will be holding a series of policy forums covering a range of issues related to housing in Toronto.

Join us and hear from a panel of leaders on this issue and join in a discussion with housing stakeholders.

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Upcoming Forums


Friday, June 23 from 3pm-5pm

5) Rooming Houses

Past Forums


Tuesday, May 9 from 3pm-5pm

1) Portable Housing Benefits

Event Slides

 Fred Victor: Portable housing benefits and homelessness. 


Friday, May 19 from 3pm-5pm

2) Seniors' Housing

 Seniors Housing Meeting Notes

 Seniors Housing Slideshow


Tuesday, May 23 from 3pm-5pm

3) TCHC Reform & Tenants First

Event Slides

 Joeita Gupta: Characteristics of a responsible landlord

 Doug Rollins: TCHC Funding Challenges


Tuesday, May 30 from 3pm-5pm

4) Supportive Housing

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