Housing Policy Forum Series:
Seniors' Housing

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Please join us for a discussion on Seniors' Housing 

Seniors face a host of housing challenges. Many seek to age in place, but are in contexts that are economically or practically unsustainable. Few systems exist to allow property rich/cash poor seniors to transition well. Housing is less and less affordable, especially to those on fixed incomes. The aging process is rife with challenging transitions from houses to apartments, from apartments to seniors homes, from seniors homes to long term care, and the intersection of housing and health are poorly coordinated. How do we build systems that are more manageable and navigable, producing better outcomes in housing and health and quality of life?


Introductions 3:00-3:10 

The Panel Discussion: 3:10-3:50

Frances Morton-Chang, University of Toronto

Where does housing fit in a continuum of care and service for seniors? What are the potential benefits of integrating seniors housing into a seamless care model? What are the challenges inherent in this approach?

Joel Lexchin, York University

How do different models of ownership of long-term care homes impact the quality of care. What type of ownership produces better health and lower rates of morbidity and mortality?

Glenn Miller, Senior Associate, Canadian Urban Institute

How do seniors view the housing options available? What are the attractions to the models being considered? What are the risks that would impede participation?

Anita Dressler, Seniors Voice

Options are currently explored for addressing seniors housing issues? What are the intended benefits of those programs? What are the processes for refining those programs?

Q&A: 3:50-4:00

Roundtable Discussions: 4:00-4:45

Summaries and Feedback: 4:45-5:00

May 19, 2017 at 3:00pm - 5pm
Ajay Ram · · 416 351-0095 x 250
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