Community groups tell Minister to stop stalling on inclusionary zoning

“Stop Stalling on Inclusionary Zoning, Let Us Build Housing”, communities tell Minister


Social Planning Toronto, ACORN, and Toronto City Councillor Mike Layton will be speaking to media about the urgent need for the Ontario government to allow municipalities the power to use inclusionary zoning policies to build new housing. In spite of the unrelenting call from city planners, community groups and political figures for many years, the Province continues to prohibit inclusionary zoning. In the latest call, 57 community groups and networks operating throughout Ontario called on the Province to act now on inclusionary zoning by moving either of the two private members’ bills (Bill 3 and Bill 39) already before the legislature.

When: 12:30 pm, Friday, March 11, 2016

Where: Media Studio, Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly, Main Legislative Building, 1st Floor, West Wing, Room 148

Who: Sean Meagher, Executive Director, Social Planning Toronto
Mike Layton, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina
Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, ACORN Spokesperson

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