Caring about Care Workers: The Experience of Immigrant Women PSWs in Toronto’s Home Care Sector in the COVID-19 Context

Help us make an impact. Social Planning Toronto (SPT) and Dr. Naomi Lightman of Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) are conducting a research study entitled “Caring about Care Workers: The Experience of Immigrant Women PSWs in Toronto’s Home Care Sector in the COVID-19 Context.“ The study examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the livelihoods, health, and well-being of immigrant women who work as PSWs in home care. This research recognizes that immigrant women PSWs are vulnerable due to the front-line nature of their employment. We are seeking 25 immigrant women PSWs to participate in this study.

This study will help policy makers, immigrant-serving organizations, and immigrant PSWs by raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities immigrant women experience. It will highlight the lived experiences of immigrant women PSWs and share their insights as to how to best support front-line home care workers during pandemic recovery efforts.

Are you:

  • an immigrant woman currently working as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in the Home Care Sector in Toronto?
  • someone who has worked as a PSW for a home care agency in the City of Toronto through the COVID-19 pandemic (2020–2023)?
  • someone who has thoughts about how we could improve the safety and working conditions of PSWs in Home Care?
  • an immigrant woman (born outside of Canada)?
  • willing to participate in an individual interview?
  • able to participate in an interview conducted in English (via Zoom, or inperson at SPT's office)?
  • available for approximately 1 hour?
  • interested in receiving a $75 gift certificate?
  • aware that your information will be kept confidential?
  • aware that your decision to participate in this study (or withdraw your participation) will not affect your ability to participate in SPT or TMU activities, or receive services provided by any agency that referred you to this study?

Questions? Interested?

Beth Wilson
[email protected]
416 351 0095 ext. 257
Social Planning Toronto
1720–2 Carlton Street · Toronto, ON · M5B 1J3
ASL + other accommodations are available.

Research study Principal Investigator: Dr. Naomi Lightman, Toronto Metropolitan University, [email protected]. This research study has been reviewed and approved by the Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board (REB 2023-029).

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